Big adventures. Little weekends.

Sterkfontein dam –  Just off the R74, en route to Oliviershoek pass.

Like most other worker bees living in the city, we used to try to fit the biggest holiday we possibly could into each yearly break. We would binge on this December-adventure and hoped the effect would last. And it usually did, until March.

Recently, we’ve taken to trying to fit these big adventures into short weekends instead. This meant that we had to look a little closer to home. To our surprise, there are quite a few options not too far from the city.

We’re just starting out and discovering new places as we go. This is why we’ve created ‘So Far’, so we can share where we’ve walked, what we’ve seen and what we’ve learnt.

129,3 kilometres so far

Our list of uploaded hikes is still small. Hopefully it, together with the kilometers, will grow with every weekend. 

We already have a couple of new adventures planned; some close to Joburg and others further afield. Amongst these, we plan to spend some time on the Appalachian trail.

We will document new hikes with pictures, words and, for the trails that don’t have accurate directions available, maps. The ‘Hiked’ section should give you an idea of what a hike looks like and what to expect plus will, hopefully, also inspire you to go out and enjoy the same trail.

Some hikes that we’ve completed recently, which will be uploaded soon, include Cederberg Kloof, Mountain Sanctuary Park, Castle Gorge and Dome Pools in the Magaliesberg.

Other useful sections on the site

As we hike, we learn. In the ‘Learnt’ section, we’ll share for instance what gear to buy, what to take on a hike, how to pack and waterproof gear, etc. One of the first things we’ve learnt was how to get lost in thick mist. We will share how not to do that as well as other navigation tutorials, how to use topo maps, a compass and GPS.

We collect a lot of GPS data as we explore that will be available as downloadable .KML or .GPX tracks, which you can import into Google Earth or save onto your GPS device. You can find these, as well as PDF maps, in the ‘Downloads’ section. on social

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