You are reading our trip report on some highlights on our Otter Trail hike in May. To see our all-you-need-to-know Otter Trail guide, click below:

A few of our favourite things...

Everyone we spoke to, no matter how long ago they had hiked the Otter Trail, had a story or anecdote to share. We had high expectations and they were exceeded. Every day, the trail delivers something that makes you feel fortunate to experience it. You feel like you're lucking out – even if you're the two-hundred-thousandth person to see it.

Here are a few of our highlights from each day of the hike:

Our favourite part of the hike was our friends. The hike would not have been nearly as much fun with a group of strangers. One really gets to spend quality time with people on a five day hike. Click image to expand.

Day 1

Orange lichen covers most of the rocks along the coastline. The verdant green contrasting the orange is a view that takes much more than five days to grow tired of. Click image to expand.

Ngubu Hut, the first hut on the trail, overlooks an enormous rock bank with plenty of great swimming spots. It's also a fantastic place to watch the sunset from. Click image to expand.

The rock pools are filled with sea creatures. Giant anemones, sea stars, urchins, fish and crustaceans. Pack a pair of diving goggles and explore! Click image to expand.

 An octopus took a liking to our shiny GoPro. Every time we brought the camera near his cave he chased after it and tried to grab it (nearly succeeding). Click image to expand.

Day 2

Skilderkrans is a really unique rock formation. Jutting out from the mainland it gives you a 360º view of the coastline and horizon. This image was taken with a timer – even set to the maximum of two minutes it was quite a sprint to clamber all the way to the top. Click image to expand.

Rory, taking it all in.

Andrew, taking it all in.

Kleinbos River. With 12 hikers in a group there are seldom less than 12 opinions on when an where to cross a river. Crossings are actually fun and often not as scary as many expect them to be. The same goes for the Bloukrans River on Day 4.  Enjoy the experience and don't worry about them too much. 

The wide river mouth in front of Scott Hut is really worth exploring. Take your stove to the opposite side of the river and have your breakfast with a spectacular view of the forest. Click image to expand.

The short hikes mean that you can spend hours at each hut, just doing nothing. Completely guilt free. 

Sunsets on the Otter are breathtaking. We spent every evening on the rocks watching the sun set. The Geelhoutbos River mouth in front of Scott Hut is no exception. Click image to expand.

Day 3

The narrow trail cuts through thick coastal fynbos. Click image to expand.

  Hiking   up and down the coastline, our group of twelve   often broke up into smaller groups who kept similar pace. It was a great way to catchup with all the friends at different times of the day.

Hiking up and down the coastline, our group of twelve often broke up into smaller groups who kept similar pace. It was a great way to catchup with all the friends at different times of the day.

Steady on the uphills - bright hiking gear all in  a row.

A contemplative Mungeen, taking it all in. Click image to expand.

We spent hours on the rock outcrops in front of Oakhurst Hut, at the end of day three, just watching the waves break and the sky change colours. Click image to expand.

Remember to pack something to drink for sundowners. The huts are beautifully located and every one has an awesome ocean view. Click image to expand.

Some of the waves sent spray 20 metres into the air. It makes for hypnotic and therapeutic watching. Click image to expand.

Day 4

We crossed Bloukrans River very early in the morning, which meant that at 9AM we had most of our day's hiking done. Snoozing on the rocks is a great way to spend a Thursday morning. Click image to expand.

Bloukrans River, three hours after high tide. Click image to expand.

The bay in front of André Hut is great for a cool down after a long hot day. It's rocky, but there are some flat sandy gullies that you can wade into. Click image to expand.

With the day's hiking and swimming behind us, there is only one thing left to do – nothing. Click image to expand. 

Day 5

We started before sunrise to hike up to a platform, about 1 kilometre from André hut, to watch the sun rise. The platform is visible from the hut on the escarpment horizon line to the right. It's about 180 metres above sea and has a view of the entire bay. Click image to expand.

André Hut as seen from the platform. Click image to expand.

Breakfast with a view, as endorsed by Carl. Click image to expand.